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All, was wondering if there is any detail parts suppliers for subway stuff. I would like to add the gates ( proper term?)and saftey chains seen on older subway cars. I thought I would like to dress up my E train a little. Better to order something close from MTH, say the ones on an R32 set or the likes?

If so does anyone have a part number for such an item? I added American flags made on my computer, and i think they look pretty darn nice, now if I can only make the front look better. I also took the 2 car add on set, swaped trucks for the shorter couplers, and now the cars all have the same gap between them on the 4 car set. Looks better, sure others have done the same.

Thanks in advance,
Greg in Braintree VT via Brooklyn NY Big Grin
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MTH made the first RAILKING Subway cars approximately 12 and 1/2" long (instead of the correct 15" long 0 scale 1/4" to the foot models of a 60 foot long R-42 IND "D" and "E" Subway cars.

I think they probably did so because of their own reasons, such as:

1) They thought that Subway trains would be mostly purchased by older city people that still live in their small rent controlled apartments, or bought newer townhouses that don't have basements or enough room for big layouts.

2) The shorter Non scale cars could better negotiate any 027 curved track made by Lionel or Marx over the past 80 years in addition to the smallest Atlas 027 curved track or their own minimum 031 curved MTH Railtrak or Scale track.

3) Lower manufacturing costs because they would be similar to the length of all the 51 foot long IRT Subway cars as they also made subsequent models of the IRT R-12's, R-17's, R-21's, R-26's, R-36's and Lo-V's.

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