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I have an MtH Erie 0-8-8-0 PS3. Product #20-3442-1E. The front electro-coupler is broken and needs to be replaced.  I know they come in 2 lengths, 44mm and 51mm. (Pretty sure the one i need is the 44 but please confirm). If that is correct, I have found 2 MTH part #s for this: DD-0000062 and DD-00000-32. Is there a difference in these? If so, which can or can't I use? Will they both work on a PS3 engine? I have found the -62 which I can get pretty quickly. Thanks in advance for the help.

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32 is the long one and 33 is the short.  Does look like MTH has add some new part numbers for coupler and I am not sure why.

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