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well? not in order but the pics may help you?

Now I have a loose impeller to fix!

There's the smallest imperfection in the round at the bottom of the impeller. It hits the housing and stops it. Make sure yours spins freely.

IMO the whole smoke tube exhaust, should have been installed inside the clear part of the building. It just flows slightly out the door on mine now. Maybe when it produces more smoke, the effect will be better?

There also was a kink in the rubber tube inside that I tried to fix. That probably limits the smoke volume.


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Most techs would have the whole smoke unit, maybe???

The wicks too. Some people use tiki wicks and strip them down for pieces. They have a rough outside coating.

I had this working then it stopped. fixed it. and then it stopped. fixed it again. and then..... it stopped?

Seems like the impeller is made of some soft material that grows when it gets hot. So when it grows, the fan can't spin.

Not like a normal MTH smoke impeller material?

I replaced the fan assembly at first, thinking that was best. Of course, that left me with a sinking feeling that I didn't fix it correctly and wrecked another spare smoke unit I have for future use.

So I went back inside and removed it. I took the stock fan impeller and filed it down less than 1/16" all around. I noticed that regular smoke impellers have more space around them in the housing. So I believe this impeller is oversized. It's such a tight fit that any imperfection causes it to rub. I have to believe that the material it's made from, somehow swelled up?

I dabbed some loctite inside and will know tomorrow how it works. Hopefully, I didn't glue the motor!

I bought the car wash went it first came out. From day one, I never thought the smoke effect was very effective. In addition to not producing enough smoke, I found it to be very temperamental requiring the exact amount of fluid to smoke correctly. Too much or too little fluid would produce no smoke at all. The rest of the car wash functionality works fine but I never believed it was a top priority to fix the smoke unit given all the other kinetic accessories on the layout.

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