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hello i bought the mth farm house on fire i will not get it till end of the week my question to toughs who have on is seeyou get two fireman that can havewater coming from the hose can you use a tee  and have both spraying water is the pump strong enough  for  this myh 30-9142

thank you kevin

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Kevin--photo below:

I have the nozzleman with the charged line on the ladder into[nozzle inside] the 2nd story window.  I had modified it to spray water through the window directly into the tank below, then recycled.....pumped from the tank via underground pipe to the hydrant across the street from the house.... Then from hydrant to, and through the pumper, out the attack line held by the Fireman on the ladder and back thru the window to the tank inside. The line on the aerial ladder is dry but can be energized, however it tends to get everything drenched (but not to use both lines at the same time).

For the most part all the drafting and attack lines are way over scale but I had bought lines more to scale (fish tank stuff) when I stored it upon dismantling my Condo layout. The parts internally on the Pumper are trico windshield washer connectors and tubing. The discharge and intake ports on the Engines have to be drilled out. My grand kids loved this accessory which at times required calling in the disaster crew to dry out.  The firemen are MTH, K-line, and from one of the Scenic suppliers( Forum sponsor) as I recall. 




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Hydrant should be included with your House when it arrives--it was originally. I collected the fire trucks over time from on Ebay and others such as Diecast Direct. Best wishes to your son. I  served as a certified Firefighting Training  Officer in a Volunteer Department for 18 years. Good luck with your House.

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