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I’ve been piecing together this FEC passenger train for quite some time. First I found the 5 car passenger set at Star Hobby in Annapolis, MD. Then I plucked the dome car from its native Floridian turf with a winning bid on eBay. A few years rolled by and I placed a wanted ad here on this forum for a set of E6 diesels. Sure enough I was able to nail down a mint set from a gentleman in the NJ High Railers-Thanks Gerry!

Yesterday at Star Hobby, I randomly found an FEC reefer for my FEC passenger consist.

So now I was really ready to run the set I assembled-WRONG!  

The locomotive was pristine. However, the cars all had broken mounts where the trucks screwed onto the frame. Thanks to gunrunnerjohn’s post from 2019, I was able to repair all the passenger car frames. That took a little bit of bench time, but was well worth it as these passenger cars aren’t that common.

Since the cars were apart, I decided to put people in them. At least until I ran out of people…..

Then the posts of the car mounts needed fixed….  

It’s as if they didn’t want to be run on my layout.

But by 2:00am, I had my FEC rolling down the line!  A win for me! Thanks to the forum, I was able to fix my passenger car issues and find all the components to this neat train.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the photos and video.


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@PRR1950 posted:

WOW, your equipment just clears the inside part of the tunnel portal!  Did you have to widen it after you bought the passenger train?


OK, just being humorous here, from another of those folks that model the FEC.  there are no tunnels on the FEC, since there are no mountains in FLA.  The FEC is one railroad you can accurately model on flat sheet of plywood.  Interesting to ponder that if Henry Flagler had not be the kind of entrepreneur he was, hoarding his money like his boss he created his millions with,  or other millionaires of the day, Florida would probably not look like it does today.  What is even odder,  (more odd?) he was being sued in federal court, a thousand miles away in New York City, accusing him of treating his employees wrongly.  Turned out, he was treating his employees better than any company in the US.  You can be darn sure if the EPA existed in the early 1900's, there would be no swamp filling for road bed, or overseas rail line to Key West, they might have injured a bug, slug, or gator.

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