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I have been using MTH O gauge for years, and love their products. With the advent of P3 sound, smoke, etc. in some of their HO engines, I have become intrigued with the idea of exploring this smaller scale. 

My question: Will all my MTH transformer and DCS control work with their HO system? For example, I use a Z500 transformer and conventional throttle control to put my subways into auto mode, I use Remote commander for a loop, and I use the new DCS Explorer for a loop. Will these systems continue to work for MTH HO that has P3 chips installed?

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PDX   You can pick up a decent HO 'power pack' cheaply and run the MTH locomotives.  I recently acquired a few of them and really enjoy the quality and detail of these newer locomotives in HO. I've also joined a local club about 45 minutes away that has a very nice layout all set up with the modern Wi-Fi control that allows me to run all of my HO equipment from my iphone at no cost by not having to purchase any additional electronics.

Give it a try - You'll be pleasantly surprised...


PS  I have a MTH set of UP Alco PA's and have an extra B unit that I haven't used. It is powered, has PS3 with full sound and smoke and can be run independently that I would sell for $125 mailed to you if you'd like to try one with little investment. It's NIB.  Try buying a PS3 locomotive new for less than $250 elsewhere! :-)



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I guess the whole HO thing is a mystery when it comes to DCS. It seems like the only way to use it is with the entire TIU system, and not the less expensive Explorer.

I'm not so sure. From MTH's web site:

The DCS Explorer can be powered by any AC (like the Z-1000 brick) or DC power supply and plugs right into a track lockon

Outputs AC or DC Power (depending on power supply input)

I cannot confirm this because I haven't yet received my DCS Explorer, however, since the DCS Explorer can be powered by a DC power source, I expect that it will also put out DC power as long as that's what's input.

If this is so,then the DCS Explorer should be able to operate DCS HO engines in DCS mode.

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So MTH HO locos retail for like $300. Why in the heck would anybody want to run a $300 loco with a "cheap" DC power pack. Running DC trains especially with sound, one should buy a nice transformer to use. The MRC Tech IIs were very nice and I wouldn't use anything less. Then just plug it in to your DCS system or DCS Commander. Or go all in with a decent DCC system

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