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I am an HO guy, and while my friend Dennis LaRock told me to join, I have been hesitant to post here.  However I think I may have something you might like.

I'm building an HO layout, and I'm going to run some subway trains, and I just bought the MTH Subway Set for the Downtown 3 train in NYC.  I was really impressed with the quality of the set itself, the packaging, and more importantly the sound programming.

This video showcases the sounds as the train runs around a simple oval on the floor in my apartment 12 stories above one of the NYC Subway Stations that it actually stops at.

Its a bit long at 7 mins+ but I hope you like it.

BTW, this is an MTH product running on Markin K track that is being used as 2 rail and controlled by a Digitrax DCS100 Command Station with a DT400 throttle.  

I think every aspect of this buy is perfect -- great packaging, great detail, great sounds, great programming, and great documentation.

I'll post more pics if you want, but here's the video:

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