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If it hasnt been posted already,  MTH announced today 2 bay fishbelly hopper cars in 4 road names...LV (red), N&W, Keystone coal. and AC&Y.  They will be up for pre-order on our website shortly, alas, in 3 rail as usual

I also immediately asked to do a special run of NYO&W.  I want to do them in the last scheme they had, which has the O&W emblem in the middle of the 2 bay hopper cars.  I actually saw these cars at fort shanks in Orangeburg, NY, in the last 60's im guessing.  There was a heater car there too.

Everything was eventually scrapped on the spot.   I just cant find a picture of the hopper cars with the O&W logo in the middle anywhere, and it would take me forever to find the old B&W point and shoot negatives of the cars, that I took.  They were crappy wedge shots anyway.  If anyone has photos, could u pls lmk or post.

And the reason Im posting here, is that Ive asked MTH to do them in 2 rail for me also.  I guess we'll see what they say.

Also, considering doing the 2 bay hoppers in Rutland, Maine Central and C&EI.    Its expensive to run more than 1 car at a time...but if there's enoough interest, i can move some of the other road names to the front burner...  Hopefully I can get these done in 2 rail also.

And comments or suggestions are welcome.  I really would like to get more MTH cars done in 2 rail.  And please remember, i need to do roads that had reasonable fleets of hoppers, and that ppl want.  I would love to do Raritan River and PRSL, but they only had hopper cars for company service, and I dont see that I would be able to sell more than 30 or 40  either of those roads.  Minimum order is 100 cars, and i need to sell 70 to break even....



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