Engine #5412 The front drive wheels are binding at only one point I removed the linkages and lubricated and cleaned the wheels  and all move freely by themselves, but when I reinstall the drive rods and side rods and manually turn the motor ,the front wheels bind at one point. The same point always. I checked the "clocking" and the one side is the same and the opposite side is 90 degrees different. 

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Any other part of the linkage that gets bent, may also cause a binding issue. As posted above, you have to check precisely. Close enough won't help here. Maybe you could narrow it down to a specific axle?

 Did you remove the eccentric cranks on either side for maintenance or some other issue? Have they slipped?

Try taking those off one at a time and each drive connecting rod, one at a time until you find the culprit.

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When you replace the rods, only replace the siderods leaving the eccentric and main rods off and see how it rolls. If it rolls free then check that the crosshead can move freely in its guides. If those slide freely then maybe the eccentric is not in its correct location slightly off axle center.



When I start turning the flywheel, all the wheels, both sides, are where they are supposed to be but as the y get to an extended position the front wheels do not keep up with the others. Is it possible that the side rod holes are so worn that there is too much play for the front to follow the back wheels properly.( The gear driven wheels.)

Did the rods bind before you removed them?

If not, I'm with Pete. You may have reinstalled the eccentric crank in the wrong position. They are usually notched for position but can be installed 180 degrees off if your  not careful/sure.

They only way to be sure is to use a photo of a similar Loco for reference and install the rods the same way provided the wheels are in the exact same position as in the photo.

Ideally photos of both sides of the drivers.

If you are unable to "google"  a photo, maybe a fellow forum member could post some on this thread.

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The engine stopped while running it. I took it apart and insured the front two set of wheels had no binding, relubricated them. Removed the motor cleaned all the grease out relubricated that .. also,insured that there was no binding in that set of wheels. I removed all the linkages except the side rods and the binding is still there when I manually turn the motors flywheel. The wheels always bind in the same position. Again, it seems as though the holes in the side rod may have become too large and there is too much playin them for the front free wheeling wheels to not bind. They just don't maintain the same position as the back to set of wheels. Thank you for trying to help with this problem.


There is normally some slop in the rods, there has to be a bit of leeway to allow for minute misalignment issues.  Unless it's been run A LOT or totally without lubrication, it's actually pretty difficult to wear the holes to a degree where this would be an issue.  It's far more likely that it's something else.

Another possibility, though it's also not common unless the locomotive has been abused, is the wheelset is out of quarter.

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