MTH, K-Line Diesels and Passenger Cars - Mostly Amtrak But Some Others

Trying to thin out my collection by selling some of my shelf queens that I never run.

Prices do not include shipping.

If you are interested in an item but you think my price is too high make me an offer. All offers will be considered.

Thanks for looking.

MTH20-2320-1Premier F59PH (Powered)N/A469Amtrak – Cascades$350.00
K-LineK2403-1797F59PHIN/A1797 - “City of Asheville”Amtrak - North Carolina$350.00
MTH20-2529-1Genesis Diesel Phase V (Powered)N/A204Amtrak$425.00
MTH20-2722-1Genesis Diesel Phase II (Powered) - Box is badN/A831Amtrak$295.00
MTH20-2713-1Premier F40PH (Powered)N/A301Amtrak  SOLD
MTH20-2798-1Premier F40PH (Powered)N/A415Amtrak$275.00
MTH20-2798-3Premier F40PH (Non-Powered)N/A381Amtrak$150.00
MTH20-20682-1Premier F40PH (Powered)N/A393Amtrak$395.00
MTH30-2678-1E-8 A-A SetN/A4047, 4048New York Central$295.00
MTH20-67118Passenger Car - 18"Full Vista Dome LoungeYellowheadVia Rail$85.00
MTH20-67208Passenger Car - 18"Full Vista Dome LoungeJasperVia Rail$85.00
Atlas3001157-1Passenger Car - 21"Dome Lounge ObservationSilver Penthouse / 376Burlington / CB&Q SOLD
MTH20-6678-1Passenger Car - 18"Bi-Level Coach7469Amtrak Northwest – Cascades$100.00
MTH20-6678-1Passenger Car - 18"Bi-Level Coach7473Amtrak Northwest – Cascades$100.00
MTH20-93519Passenger Car - 18"Baggage74004Amtrak$60.00
Lionel6-27395Passenger CarBaggage74248Amtrak$50.00
Lionel6-27395Passenger CarBaggage74248Amtrak$50.00
MTH20-67021Passenger Car - 18"Full Vista Dome Lounge10030Amtrak$80.00
MTH20-67207Passenger Car - 18"Full Vista Dome Lounge9370Amtrak$90.00
K-LineK4670-15021Passenger Car / Parts OnlyRailway Post Office / BaggageAlonzo B. Cornell / 502Empire State Express$70.00
K-LineK4670-15022Passenger CarRailway Post Office / BaggageJohn W. DixEmpire State Express$85.00
K-LineK4603Passenger Car – 18”4 Car Set North Carolina DOT$400.00
K-LineK4603-30102Passenger CarBaggagePisgah Forest / 400102North Carolina DOT 
K-LineK4603-30201Passenger CarCafé/LoungePimlico Sound / 400201North Carolina DOT 
K-LineK4603-30102Passenger CarCoachCardinal / 400001North Carolina DOT 
K-LineK4603-30301Passenger CarVista DomeMount Mitchell / 400301North Carolina DOT 
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