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it says it does

2023 O Scale Premier Dreyfuss and Empire State Hudson Locomotives Announced | MTH ELECTRIC TRAINS (

  • Synchronized Puffing ProtoSmoke System
  • Steaming Quillable Whistle

I seen that in the description...I've watched available youtube videos but oddly enough I haven't seen it in action...makes me wonder if its a typo.


I own one (20-3905-1 w/ the PT Tender.)
They do have functioning whistle steam. This is first of the MTH whistle steam equipped locomotives that I have struggled with putting in fluid. The engine is in it's box at the moment, but I recall that on this one, rather than the whistle having the hole for the steam, the hole is directly below the whistle, similar to Lionel.

How do you activate the smoking whistle?

By turning on FSW (AKA- steaming whistle) on a DCS remote OR the upgrade version of the DCS app with a full TIU WIU. Note- the DCS Explorer cannot activate it- a limitation of the software.

MTH steaming whistle again- requires FULL DCS to enable and also- will not work in conventional.

Given they haven't released the WTIU- and are still selling us these engines with steaming whistle- not an ideal time for many folks in the hobby.

And even though I have requested several times and offered ideas- even paid upgrades for those stuck on an explorer- it falls on deaf ears at MTH and MTH R&D.

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