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Listed below are items I have listed for sale in the past.

There are lots of pictures and descriptions of each item for sale.

Now's a good time to spend that 'income tax' money

The 1st line of each 'posting' is the 'general' description and 'clicking' on the 2nd line will get you to the 'post'. 

Those items that are no longer available have 'SOLD' next to the item.

You can click on my name to get my email.



3 MTH premier engines: GN R-2 2-8-8-2, GN S-2 4-8-4, SF PA A-B-B-A set.

MTH Z-4000, DCS remote control system, DCS remote controller, TIU, Z-750 with remote controller

Lionel circus car/corral, horse car/corral, cattle car/corral, barrel loader, barrel loader car, gateman shanty, twin bin coal dump car, crossing gate, merchandise car, crossing gate, crossing flasher, PA diesel, floodlight tower, billboard, bins

Never out of the box stuff: MTH Railcon gon with coils, lionel 497 coaling station, 264 forklift platform, forklift car, 282R triple action magnet crane, 128 newstand, MTH sawmill

Lionel culvert loader/unloader/car, starlite diner, Lionel sawmill, radar antenna, Gabe the lamplighter, MTH Gabe, Lionel #38 water tower, MTH log loader, Lionel rotary beacon, coal dump car, gondola's, lighted bumpers, MTH semaphore

Lionel generator car, log dump car(2), animated newstand, cop/hobo gondola, control tower, forklift and car, poultry car, coal dump car, dispatching station, trestles, lumber loader, K-lined statue of liberty, MTH street lamps, operating coaling tower.

MTH Railking Burlington Zephyr train, Lionel PRR 6-8-6, Williams 4 car passenger streamliners, Williams F-7's NP A-B-A and Lionels two sets of NP 4 aluminum passenger cars

MTH railking Erie Lackawanna PA A-B-A set plus 6 passenger cars, 4 car set and 2 car set:

MTH railkind UP ABA set plus 9 passenger cars:

Lionel switches:

Lionel transformers, etc.

Freight cars and cabeese:

Williams GG-1's and cars:

MTH GN train set and cars:

Lionel 8 NP aluminum passenger cars:

MTH 12 ore cars:

NYC Hudson and 7 passenger cars:

N&W J and 7 passenger cars:

Burlington E-7's and  8 Zephyr passenger cars:

MTH Erie E-7's and 8 passenger cars.

Williams D&RGW F-3's:

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