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I have several Premier PRR 70' passenger cars, and the car body (only) measures 16 5/8", which I believe is less than 70 (in scale).  I really like them.  I have an opportunity to order current production Railking 60' Madison cars.  In pictures, they look very similar to the Premier cars.  Can anyone tell me how long the Railking car bodies are?  Are there any other significant differences?  Help!

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ArtsModelTrains - Correct.  Premier cars have passengers and the Railking don't.

I have a couple Railking in my Chessie Steam Special consist and they don't look out of place even though they are shorter.  It does have a vestibule and solid trucks (not sprung).

In the video below, the Railking is the 3rd passenger car (the others are Williams that I added vestibules to).

There is more than length to consider when determining how "big" a locomotive or piece of rolling stock is. There is also width and height - in essence, the girth of the piece. Some less-than-scale equipment (MTH, Lionel, etc) is compressed in length but not much in girth, so these pieces can live among 1:48 equipment pretty well. Lionel PW and PW-clone extruded passenger cars are some of these. On the other hand, the "scaled down" (a scale, but not 1:48 scale) RK pieces can look like what they are: undersized.

I have some nice RK Heavyweights that look quite acceptable behind 1:48 locos, but a little inadequate next to, or mixed in with, the Premier or Lionel Standard O stuff. They do not look awful, though.

It's case-by-case, I'd say. Not just length.

Just saw your post and that you already ordered. Older streamlined RailKing 60' and Premier 70' GN passenger cars.  Car bodies height and width appear to be the same. Details are a little different. Neither has sprung trucks nor people.  If these were rolling down your layout, would you really notice?  I've never owned a 60' Madison car so cannot really say. The 12 inch RK Madison cars look stubby to me - again same body width and height.

GN Passenger

That said I have Weaver 20 inch cars and they look great and I like the extra time it takes for the car to move past my eye.  I had not noticed the paint job difference on these until I saw this photo.


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