Reference the latest MTH MP15ACs and just-released they use the same sound sets??

Should they sound alike based on the diesel engine in each??

Please advise...thanks for your kind and generous response.

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Actually I "think" they do sound a bit different but I don't know that the small speakers in our models could replicate it. The MP15s (and the SW1500s before them) have V12 Roots-blown 645s whereas the GP38s have V16 Roots-blown 645s. Once-upon-a-time we rode behind #611 to Louisville and were pulled backwards into town by an SW1500 coupled to the open gondola. I listened (at close range) to that V12 pulling hard and it did seem to have an odd&different deep throbbing sound than I have ever heard from a '38. Or it was because I was maybe 20ft from the stacks.  



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