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Just purchased a MTH 30-2017-1 MU Electric passenger 4 car set.  I am running DCS and the bell button makes an electric buzz sound when pushed.  Does anyone know if this is the way the bell is supposed to sound on this unit, perhaps because the real electrics had this buzz sound rather than an actual bell?    The whistle seems fine.  Also, when I put it in reverse, the rear headlight does not light while the one on the front works fine.  I basically just set it on the tracks and ran it for a few minutes and this is what I've observed.  Any help would be appreciated as I am trying to determine whether or not I need to return it.

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@IRON HORSE posted:

I am sure that is the correct number.  But 30-20175-1 is the same MU, same catalog, different road name.  I, too, looked up the bell there and, yes, saw there was no bell MP3 on the site.  Thanks for checking.  I hope someone else has a unit like this and can confirm or deny this buzzing bell.

OK  I couldn't find anything with the number you provided on the MTH site.  Not sure why.

@Alan Mancus posted:

I would not run it sounds like you may have a pinched wire in the harness when you hit the bell and strange things happen it is usually and pinched wire ground the pv to engine board and could damage boards have mth asc tech check it out before you have board damage!

what is the current draw when you tried it!!!


I agree with you to not run it. 

About 1 amp.  is the draw. 

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