For Sale: MTH New Haven Rolling Stock

Each of these is in like new condition. Nothing broken.
Everything works (couplers, doors, light,etc) . Original box included.

MTH Premier New Haven 40 ft Reefer 20-94012 $30 / Offer

MTH New Haven 40 ft Reefer 20190518_175138MTH New Haven 40 ft Reefer 20190518_175300MTH New Haven 40 ft Reefer 20190518_175722MTH New Haven 40 ft Reefer_20190518_180117720

MTH Premier New Haven 50 ft PS-1 Double Dor Boxcar 20-90751F $45 / Offer

MTH New Haven 50 ft Boxcar 20190518_175342MTH New Haven 50 ft Boxcar 20190518_175422MTH New Haven 50 ft Boxcar 20190518_175655MTH New Haven 50 ft Boxcar_20190518_180056205

MTH RailKing New Haven Steel Caboose 30-7013F $45 / Offer
This is a scale caboose and very nicely done. Sharp looking.

MTH RK New Haven Caboose 20190517_153413MTH RK New Haven Caboose 20190517_153422MTH RK New Haven Caboose 20190517_153517MTH RK New Haven Caboose_20190517_154556049

All prices are plus USPS shipping and handling.
I use the USPS on-line calculator based on your zipcode.
I only ship to the continental USA.

I accept most forms of payment.



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