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It seems like MTH is not producing any new products, just different paint schemes and road names and numbers of existing tooling.  They are my favorite manufacturer for variety, durability and pricing, and they used to make models nobody else would.  What is the likelihood that they will make new models again? 

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They aren't as big as they used to be. From my understanding there's very few people involved in the company. They probably don't have the money to create new tooling right now.  They are doing their best with what they have. Personally, I would love to see them offer non-powered locomotives again. Just basic dummy engines with lighting.

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They probably don't have the money to create new tooling right now.

One of their principal investors has to be sitting on a sizeable pile of cash. I hear he sold some prime real estate in Columbia, MD a few years ago along with some tooling from the train company he owned to a few other train companies. I suspect that all didn't go for chump change.

It's all about ROI. If you spend big bucks on developing & building new tooling, how long before you recover that cost, and how much longer before you start making money on it? Hopefully, you recover your investment cost and make a little money before interest in your new tooling dries up.

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