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I have the earlier PS2 version and the brass Third Rail one. Before I got command control, I ran them together on my test track, using editing to make it look like they were running one behind the other.

Now that I have TMCC and DCS, the next time these run (if for no other reason than to re-shoot it in hi-def) I'll be able to have them run together in the same shots.


Hi Matt:

Very nice set with the bogie trucks. Like how you shared the history and got to ride in one of the coaches. Like the subway features with the MTH DCS App. What catalog is the set from? It is a shame that MTH is going away next year. 

Take care. Train Room Gary 🚂

Thank you Gary, this particular set was offered in the 2017 Volume 1 catalog and they delivered around September 2017.

Product Web Page:

I enjoyed the review, Matt, a very good presentation. 

I was looking for a subway set, and ended up buying this set last year instead...and was waiting to get my interior subway line completed before trying, however I need to get it out and assembled, try it out, as the warranty is near expiration. It'll be my streamlined and improvised subway train.


@Paul Kallus posted:

I enjoyed the review, Matt, a very good presentation. 

I was looking for a subway set, and ended up buying this set last year instead...and was waiting to get my interior subway line completed before trying, however I need to get it out and assembled, try it out, as the warranty is near expiration. It'll be my streamlined and improvised subway train.

Thank you Paul, I'm kind of a subway guy myself. I have 5 other MTH CTA subway sets which I'm sure I will do a full review on in the future. When you assemble it just be patient with the tethers as I stated in the video.

FYI about the Electroliner ...

An actual Electroliner is in the collection of the Illinois Railway Museum, and its restoration is underway.  Here's the link:   The IRM intends to make it fully operational.

Mike Mottler

Thanks for the link Mike, I did mention that as well in my video. I was actually able to ride the Electroliner several years ago. They used it as their Holiday North Pole train that went to Santa's workshop.

Thanks for the excellent review Matt.  That is one nice set.  I thought about getting the Red arrow version, but it probably won't happen unless I see one at a super price.  The comments about the tethers were interesting.  I have the MTH Pioneer Zephyr and the connections between the Zephyr cars are also kind of a pain.  I don't think I have had them separated more than once.  If the set is not on the layout, it's in the staging area.

@Marty W. posted:

Does anyone have the sound file for the 2007 unit? That would be the 20-2783-1. I'd love this sound file! I don't have the Electroliner, but have elevated units for Chicago.

Click on support tab, and the sound file is the Protosound purple button. There is also an MP3 of the the sample sounds. I'm don't think the PS2 sound file will work in any of the subways since it also carries the models controls, but I could be wrong.

Thanks Matt. It keeps giving me a win zip deal again of which I hate, unless I did it wrong! I'll double check. That said, I do have several units that have the trolley sound sets (also from 2007) I don't see why they wouldn't work. Ran into that on a five volt board recently where you couldn't do it as the boards with trolley stops were different than just regular boards. I was hoping someone had it handy on their computer!

Nice review!  I have this same set.  Unfortunately I had a bad gear right out of the box.  And then the lights went dark in the lead powered unit.   The wiring for the lights are tight inside the shells -- I had to re-solder 1 unit and another one went out the other night.  Easy fixes.  You are so right about the tethers.  I lay each unit sideways next to the track on a soft foam blanket and connect them.   Just like you suggest -- two cars connected at a time.  Seems like the best way but it is a little awkward.  All of this was worth it, though, because it is a cool little train.  And I lived near what was once the North Shore  Line for 20 years -- the Metra runs the same route from Chicago to Kenosha -- so this will be parked as a permanent fixture on a siding on my layout, never to see a train shelf, as will my MTH CTA (Chicago Bears version) as well as the Burlington Zephyr featured at the Museum of Science and industry.  And, yes, the real North Shore Line is a sight to see.  She was looking good in 2018:IL RAILWAY 2018 [59) 


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  • IL RAILWAY 2018 (59)

Today, at last, I finally got my North Shore Electroliner out of the box, lubed, and assembled! Thanks to the tips on connecting the tether plugs I didn't have too much trouble.

It runs pretty good ~ doesn't start until DCS speed is around 4-5 mph, but that is still very good IMO. After about 30 minutes of test running - the lead unit (with speaker) felt noticeably warm, but after another 20 minutes it didn't feel any warmer, so I think this is normal. The two motored units and traction is strong enough to move the train but I seriously doubt this train could handle any grade, at least not without a serious amount of head-start.

My units are starting up in conventional mode via DCS...despite having latest 6.1 version software, but that is a quirk I've noticed in a few PS3 engines made in the 2015 to 2017 time period. All I do is hit "start up" and that brings in into DCS mode. Also, the car interior lights come on as soon as the transformer is powered up, and prior to the engine sounds, and they stay on even after shutting down via "shut down" on DCS remote. Am not sure if this is DCS quirks or something else. I am not sure I'd want to send it back to MTH for these issues, however, as they are minor and can be worked around. Am curious if anyone noticed this?

At some point this autumn I'll put together a video of the set on my semi-subway line - its really just a line that goes under the city, re-appears in a few places, back under, etc. I do need to learn how to active station stops via the DCS handheld...the normal PSA button doesn't seem to do anything.

All in all, a great train that looks awesome as I hoped it would on my subway line.

@Paul Kallus Glad to hear that you have it out and running now. 

The car interior lights do come on with track power (this is normal), because this unit is treated like Subway cars which do the same thing. When you do address it and start it up the headlight will come on and also when the train is moving the cab light goes on and off.

PSA does nothing for this unit, you absolutely need to run it in Trolley / Subway mode to get the best value here. This can done from the DCS remote by going into the software keys and choosing more and scrolling down to Trolley Screen and then choosing auto mode which I think is FAS. However make sure you have it at the set cruising speed that you like before you enter trolley mode. I think I have mine around 22 - 24 when I enable trolley mode. After that just put the remote down and enjoy it as you don't need to interact with it at all.

Good luck and have fun!

@PRRMP54 posted:

I have the Liberty Liner version that has been converted to two-rail and am quite happy with it. I did ride one in service to Norristown and back to 69th Street. In reality, they were entirely too much car for the Philadelphia Suburban operation.

I also rode the Liberty Liners on the Norristown High Speed Line during the later 1960's. Although too much car for the line, as you say, I have to add that they were really nice to ride. The seats were very comfortable and the ride was smooth and quiet. The Red Arrow employees called the two train sets the 'Boozer Cruisers' because of the inclusion of the lounge cars. I have the 3rd Rail Brass Red Arrow set in 3-rail, which I tend to prefer because the Sunset version is correctly configured for Philadelphia Suburban operations with an outside third power rail and floor height elevated passenger platforms  (no trolley poles and no side steps) .

Thanks for the thread. Enjoy!


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