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Harry Henning posted on Facebook that he was told by MTH that they are not making any Standard Gauge Track anymore. It looks like what is out there is it from them. While there plastic roadbed track was not exactly the best it sure makes setting up running loops easy.

I would now say MTH Standard Gauge is dead.



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Trainlover160 posted:

I would say it is probably dead do to low sales. Everyone on this forum refers to USA TRACK. The MTH track cannot hold a candle to it, including the LCT Standard track with built in roadbed. Others on this forum have replaced LCT with US A track thanks to Kirk!

Joe Gozzo

darn right joe,,,,but I did it mostly for running #42's 38 and some old trollys,,,,but I changed it all out,,,wonder if they will make the tinplate switches ?( I use ross)

Landsteiner posted:

The MTH standard gauge track did not have Lionel Corporation branding if the pieces I have are any evidence.  Just guessing the market size isn't there right now.

I had a STD 72 loop of MTH roadbed track. It came in the Lionel Corporation box. I sold it last month and bought USA Track. I guess I should have waited, since the scarcity will drive up the prices.  Honestly, it was noisy and didn't run trains particularly well. Are they not going to make the tubular rail track anymore either?


I have MTH standard gauge track on my layout.  72 inch radius.  No problems and I have been using it for 10 years.  

As for their discontinuing it, why would they make it if they are no longer making standard gauge trains.  I am sure it is purely a business decision and I have no problems with it.  They have to be able to make money and the train market is changing.

My solution is the earlier higher quality MTH standard gauge track used in conjunction with Jonnson repro rubber roadbed (no longer made). Keeps track from sliding and attenuates the sound just enough where you can still appreciate the tinplate motor sounds. I have an ample supply of both straight and 072 curved Johnson roadbed for future use if necessary. Also, never had a short with the earlier MTH track (12-15 years old) Works for me! ☺

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I am sad for the people that liked and used the plastic roadbed track, but I am sure that Mike is aware of USA track, so he knows that he is not leaving anyone out in the cold. I personally prefer the look of tinplate trains on tinplate track but each to their own. Thanks to Kirk we have nothing to worry about. 

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