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As promised here are pics of the NS SD70M. It is a awesome and very detailed model and has great PFA effects. My only gripe is that it has SD70ACe sounds as the start up for the prime mover, just like the SD80MAC. Maybe NS has used that as a star up sequence for all their EMD engines, please let me know if this is true. I also love the fact that the door opens unlike the SD60 model. Overall I would buy it, you won’t be disappointed especially if you’re a NS fan like me.751BBCFF-9279-4840-AABE-602B1991CD0A1A9CA6CD-1C92-4E93-B011-6F81A61D1A7DCD8829E7-59E0-4388-A691-5352208DD4C011AEFEBD-FE5A-418B-ABD9-5B400D858364AF77616A-AF52-4439-B65B-C6B3BFF16F0746ABAAB5-0CAC-4172-9FB0-004C605A3F7C12BBE443-481A-421A-BFFB-FB5F10C253D69D2A1666-54E9-4A21-9D7A-C9D9FF9A50E3


Images (8)
  • NS SD70M (1)
  • NS SD70M (2)
  • NS SD70M (3)
  • NS SD70M (4)
  • NS SD70M (5)
  • NS SD70M (6)
  • NS SD70M (7)
  • NS SD70M (8)

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