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My MTH operating water tower was jamming so I took apart the gear housing to see what might be going on. I re-lubed and reset the plastic gears; they spin freely to the resistance point in either direction. When I put the gearbox back in place, the spout goes up and down with no issue. The problem appears to be when the bushing on the end of the motor engages the first plastic gear. I replaced that 8-tooth bushing with the brass one described in other postings. But even when I can get the gears to move in one direction with the motor to bring the spout down, there is no “free return” of the spout back to the up position. It’s as if there is too much pressure between the motor bearing and that first plastic gear. Has anyone had this experience? Besides the 8 tooth brass bushing replacement for the motor, does anyone know if the other plastic gears have equivalent replacements?


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  • MTH Water Tower Gears
  • MTH Water Tower Motor with Brass Bushing
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