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Hi everybody,

We have been working on some documentation for Protosound 3/2 Stacker boards, in reference to chain code files required for specific models. We have poured over all of our production files and have come down to ONE specific model that we cannot locate the info we need.

Does anybody out there happen to own a Railking 4-4-0 General with Protosounds 2 - 3V electronics? Product numbers are;
30-1341-1, 30-1399-1, 30-1400-1, 30-1401-1, 30-1402-1.

The question we are unable to answer is; does the smoke unit use a single heating element or two heating elements?

If anybody happens to have one of these specific models would you please contact me off list at and let me know?

Thank you,
Mike Reagan
MTH Parts & Sales LLC

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