One of my passenger cars has a bulb or 2 that has burnt out. Haven't opened up yet. But are these easy to get? Also, I cant find the old posts, but there were some that were converting them over to leds. Any links or what to get for conversion would help.


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I just converted a set of older MTH passenger cars as lighting was not great.  I ordered the  JW&A - 20100 Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit from Hennings trains.

There are many products out there but I tried these as I have they seemed easy to do and I had not done this before. 

Very easy directions to follow for install and lighting level can be adjusted very easily.  

The MTH cars I did this on did not include full or partial vista domes so probably as simple as it could get.



What led strip did you use? Like non waterproof 3528s?  It looks like you got away with the 3 led groupings on the full dome car.  I like the set you did with a warmer white. Gives them a more rustic look, instead of a spotlight white color.

I use the non-waterproof strips, if my cars get wet, the LED's are the least of my worries.

I have done cars with bright white, warm white, amber, and yellow.  The yellow would be appropriate for something like the Woodside passenger cars, amber I'd consider for heavyweights, and warm white for most others.  However, newer cars that would have florescent lighting can use bright white for a prototypical look.

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