I have been able to get the station sounds working on My MTH doodlebugs but have had no success with an MTH PCC trolley using my LW transformer. Horn works, direction works, bell works, air brake sounds work but no conductor announcement sounds. Thanks.  Bill Makel

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Did you do a reset, horn & five bells, spaced at 1/2 second intervals?  If you tried a reset, did you get the two toot acknowledgement?

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No luck at all no matter what reset procedures I try. Does this trolley designed to work with station sounds using an MTH transformer only. Thanks.  Bill Makel


First, which PS system does it have?

Assuming it is PS-2 or PS-3, you can program the PCC station stops and announcements using a post-war Lionel transformer but you also need a Lionel Sound Activation button (#6-5906).  That button is needed for not only triggering the bell sounds but also for the second step in the station programming process in which you depress the button to scroll through the stations to pick the one you want.  I have done it using a postwar ZW but because the whistle switch is very sensitive, it takes awhile to get it right.  It definitely is much easier with an MTH transformer.  I haven’t tried it with a modern Lionel transformer that has a built-in bell button.

Hope this helps, 

Bill T

I concur, model number narrows the response.  My personal experience has been PW transformers or a cab 1 don't seem to respond as quickly as necessary.  Once I placed the PCC on my test track with a z 500 I could program anything on the first try.  The button responses are quick and certain.  This is admittedly my limited experience talking.

Bill Makel posted:

The decal on the side says "MTH dealer appreciation program". Model # is 2000-DAP. Thanks folks.  Bill


So it's not PS-2 or PS-3 as that car has the first generation Proto Sound System (often called "PS-1").  I have the Pittsburgh PS-1 streetcar which I received before I owned an MTH transformer and I controlled it with a postwar ZW and a 6-5906 sound button.

However, there is nothing to program on that car.  When you want the car to stop you hold down the bell button for at least 1 second and the operator will announce the station's name, then you release the button and it will play the sound of the brakes stopping the car.  The car will come to a stop and you will hear the doors opening and passengers getting off.  After about 10-15 seconds it will automatically sound the bell twice, play the door closing sounds and start up again.

If you've been on this Forum very long you will know that PS-1 units are troublesome and most users replace the battery with a BCR.  I did on mine.

Bill T




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