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Premier Also RS-11 Switcher shuts down when crossing over some switches and relays.  I can start it back up and then it will continue.  If I disconnect the relay it will run fine.  it is the only engine that has this difficutly. Any help you can give me to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated. 

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Relays run crossing gates.  When entering one gate it doesn't shut down but it does at the other one.   Rollers look good and clean.  It also shuts down on an insulated section that activates the Gateman.  If I run it really fast it sometimes makes it through without cutting out.  Doesn't cut out on the Fastrack switches but does on a couple of the Traditional Switches.

099029FC-E9C0-4000-A882-3EE1399DA99CIt’s not the center rollers, it’s the ground through the wheel sets.  Does this have the plastic base under the truck block?  If so, measure the resistance from the opposite sides of the wheel sets and from truck to truck.  If high resistance, either the 2/3 rail switch is bad, or you have bad continuity between the axle bearings and truck block.  

Remove the pickups, plastic base and wheel sets and get some 0.005” brass shim material and make a “U” shaped cradle to reduce the clearance on the bronze wheel bearings.  Common fix we did at MTH.

If it is the die cast truck block, that is a bit more complicated…


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