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@NCogaugefan posted:

A9D6344D-9EA2-45C9-B10F-4BC8B15BC62BJust wanted to share a photo of a gorgeous custom car I just picked up. This comes from the Train Loft in Winston-Salem NC. I really don’t think the pictures do it Justice, because this car is stunning in person.

This is really good looking sir.  Nice

It's about time a WINE reefer showed up.  There has   been a new interest on the forum for wine reefers instead of just beer reefers and your's is a great one.

Thanks for sharing.

@B rad posted:

That's interesting. Never would have thought that. When I was a kid going to West Virginia to see cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents etc. They never had it. Had to settle for flat RC Cola.


We've got it in the DC/Baltimore market now. About five years ago, you'd see it on occasion but it was very spotty. Now, it's in the local grocery chains and other places all the time.

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