All three of the following Erie Angus engine (and sets) are fully mint, never out of their original boxes or powered up.  They have remained sealed since I purchased them directly at MTH in Maryland.  All are PROTO 3.0.  NOTE:  All pictures are from the web or from MTH product locator.  The separate engine (20-3440-1) or sets (20-3441-1 and 20-3442-1) are in sealed boxes or original shipping shipping containers as received from MTH.  If you want more details, go to the MTH product locator and enter the product number.  SHIPPING VIA UPS WILL BE ADDED.  PLEASE ....NO SILLY QUESTIONS....JUST SERIOUS BUYERS.  Sale prices reflect huge discount far below even the dealer cost.

SUPER BUY NOTE: Buy all 3 for 2500.00 plus UPS. That's another 325.00 OFF! You will never find such a bargain anywhere.  

20-3440-1: ERIE Angus 0-8-8-0 single Engine; MSRP: 1299.95/SALE PRICE:  875.00


20-3441-1:  ERIE Angus 0-8-8-0 SET (Russian Iron) with 5 hopper cars and bobber caboose: MSRP: 1399.95/SALE PRICE: 975.00



20-3442-1:  ERIE Angus 0-8-8-0 Angus Set (Black) with 5 hopper cars and bobber caboose; MSRP:  1399.99/SALE PRICE:  975.00


Again, ONLY SERIOUS BUYERS and no low ball offers.  Write me at "" or call 610-653-0777.

Thanks...and good luck.


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