Hey Everyone, I just went and picked up the new MTH ES44 CSX safety train yesterday and had some time this morning to run it on the layout, so I thought I would share some pictures of it on the forum for everyone who's interested. 

Its a really great set, the paint job on all the pieces is absolutely great, and the details are all there as expected from MTH premier line.

Now, I am not familiar enough with the ES44s to say whether they are prototypical or not, but I will say the engine look excellent in my opinion. The prime mover sounds are excellent, it runs nice and smooth and the whole set will run on Fastrack O36 no problem. (I was very surprised, this is a big engine)

The only things that I'm not completely satisfied with about the set are the people in the coach car are the typical passenger type people MTH uses in all their premier line coaches, I would have liked to seen some fireman or railroad workers instead. They did a great job with the NASA rocket booster set because the coach that came with the set was filled with people in uniforms. Also, I am disappointed in the horn on the ES44, I live near a very active CSX railroad in Newark DE, and i hear a train horn multiple times a day. The horn on the MTH ES44 doesn't sound anything like I've heard come through here, but again I am no ES44 expert. The horn on the older MTH Dash9 engines sounds exactly like what comes though here on the CSX railroad so I was expecting that, but it's not a bad horn sound on the ES44 at all, it's just not what I expected.

Now I'm not a hardcore pototypical train enthusiast, I buy and run trains that catch my eye; So again I can't tell you what is correct and what needs to be changed on the ES44 or even the set. That being said, I am open to questions about the set. Anything you would like to know about it feel free to ask away and I'll do my best to answer them. I probably won't get to any questions until later today as the train is set up at my house and I'm not around it until after work.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! (I may do a quick video of it running if enough people are interested in it)



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Train looks great.  I have one on order and can't wait to get it.  You'll need to get the two additional tanks cars that they made for it.  I'm just hoping that MTH makes a flat car that the train has, but knowing MTH we'll probably won't see that.

Have fun with it.

Joe Pizza


Its a great set, I would highly recommend it if you are a CSX fan. It's such a neat train. I may do a video in the near future.


It's definitely worth the wait, you will be pleased. I will have to get the extra tank cars, I didn't realize they made those. My local train store will be happy to see me back again to get one. I was looking at the flat car on the real train and you are probably right in that MTH won't make one, but it would be nice. I was thinking about making one, but that's a future project. 

Thanks for posting the pics, Peterbuiltdude.  I have one on order, so my credit card will be taking a hit here soon.   I purchased the 8000 gal. matching MTH tank car and an Atlas TTX 62' flat car with high bulkheads, which are close to the prototypes, to go with the set .   I also have an Atlas 25,500 gal. tank car to add that could be used a substitute for STAX 10110. 







Thanks for all the replies everyone!! With so much interest, I went ahead and shot some video of the set. Now, I'm no professional, but I think I got some good shots. Its not the greatest sounds quality as I shot it all on my Go-pro Hero 2; but, it still does the job. I may invest in a new camera in the near future

NSBill- Its a great set, you should definitely consider getting one, I'm in the process of editing the video right now.

SubwayLover- You may want to make an exception for this set, it sounds great and it's definitely something unusual from MTH. As you can see in my video, I dabble in Amtrak as well since I've ridden the Amtrak rails a time or two, they are great looking trains.

Larry- You will not be disappointed at all. I'm really happy I got this set, it will definitely be a conversation piece. I still need to go back to my train store and get the additional tank cars. Which flat car specifically did you order, as I was going to look into that myself.

BigTruckPete- Its a great set, I like more and more each time I run it. I'm bummed to say that it doesn't, it seems to have the generic sounds from all the other ES44s. I thought it would have "safety sounds" like the MTH NASA switcher have NASA specific sounds. But, even knowing that in advance, I still would have purchased this set.

Peterbuiltdude posted:


I was looking at the flat car on the real train and you are probably right in that MTH won't make one, but it would be nice. I was thinking about making one, but that's a future project. 

Great photos.  Enjoy your set.  I pre-ordered one.  I already have the extra tank cars for it...one being black.   Very excited about this set.

For the flatcar, I purchased a large Atlas O TTX car, added a K-Line IOS tank load and a MTH short container.  Also picked up some tank dome parts to add to the car with styrene tubing.  Should look fine.

Here's what I'm adding to mine...

The CSX Safety Train tank was catalogued with the train.  Black tank is not intended for this train, but I will use it as a stand-in...may remove some lettering.  Catalogued at the same time.


For the flatcar (Dome Car 1), I purchased an Atlas O TTX flat with short bulkheads. The bulkheads remove easily.  This flat is close enough for me.  I have a few tank dome parts and several other items that look dome-like that can be painted.  I'll add some railings to the flat and a door to the container.  A little repainting and I'm good to go.


The real thing...


Atlas O flat...recently purchased from Public Delivery Track...


Here is a shot of the black tank commonly run with the train...



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Peterbuiltdude posted:

Thanks for all the replies everyone!!  With so much interest, I went ahead and shot some video of the set.  I'm no professional, but I think I got some good shots.  Its not the greatest sound quality as I shot it all on my Go-pro Hero 2; but, it still does the job.   I may invest in a new camera in the near future


Nice set!    These things come & go so quickly in the MTH catalogs, that I kinda forgot it existed.  I notice that Amtrak loco in the background.   How has that treated you?  I've heard there were numerous durability issues with it.   Looks good, though!  

Keith- Great job on the flat car! I will probably go to the train store tomorrow to get the extra tank car. Thanks for the info on the flat car. That's definitely something I can see myself doing. 

RadioRon- I missed myself first time around in the catalog. I saw the NS safety train at first, but I already have the GP38-2 switch hauler set. So when i searched for safety trains, I saw the CSX train with the ES44 and I was sold right there. As for the Amtrak engine, its a Lionel HPP-8. It runs good, but I haven't had it long. It only has command control with no speed control or railsounds. So I'd love to upgrade it someday. 

Peterbuiltdude,  This is the Atlas 62' flat car I bought.


I believe it's an Atlas Trainman 2001711.  You remove 4 small Phillips screws (2 each end) from the underneath the bulkheads to remove them.

The Atlas 89'4" flat car would probably be a more accurate choice. 

They retail for $114.95 and I don't think they have been released yet.


My plan was to do what Keith did with his.



Thanks everyone for the comments and info!

I went to my train store got the 8000 gallon tank car and ordered the 33k gallon tank car.

Thank you for the info on the flat car, I will start looking into getting everything for it.

With all the interest, I may start posting some more videos here.05131617250513161725a


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That is one of the nicest train sets that any manufacturer has done. I anticipate the Norfolk Southern Safety Train to be just as nice.

For the record, if you want to add an Atlas 89' flat car to your train you will need a minimum 72" diameter curve. Even with O-72's there are some restrictions like coupling a car with an extended-length coupler in front of and behind the flat car.  Cars with standard length couplers will derail on O-72's when coupled to an 89' flat car.

Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.

 MTH has offered a CSX Safety Train flat car with a tank container and 20' container in the 2017 Vol. 1 catalog but on a short flat car.  I am curious as to why they decided to use such a short flat car.  It seems to me, the 60' one used for the 3 tank container load also offered in the that catalog, would have been a better choice.    Since I do own the set, I am going to order this car just to get the properly marked and painted containers. 



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