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MTH 20-80002A Sante Fe CLEAR BODY  F-3, Premier ABA set, both A units professionally upgraded to PS 2.0, 2 motors per A unit by Timko Repairs in 2015. Been is storage, excellent condition, box great condition. Tested and runs well all features good.

$475 USD plus actual shipping , PayPal, f&f.

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  • F0CED5F9-042A-4DED-A945-868681707000
  • 7CEE79BD-1F1E-4A9D-A937-D284C2296F60
  • 4AA798A7-CA2A-400A-B1E4-DA62559E06DF
  • 9697B719-4B53-4CAE-A26A-415CB7BA5D97
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