My dealer just called to let me know this just came in and I could come get it when I get the chance. Unfortunately I'll be out of town the next several weekends and unable to pick it up until sometime in February. 

I pre-ordered this one and am really excited about it. Anyone else get it? Seems they are just hitting stores now. My dealer also has/had the chrome plated Amtrak ES44 from the same catalog on the shelf and it is quite the looker. 

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Picked my engine up from Engine House Hobbies on Saturday since I couldn't make it to Amherst - what a score from MTH! Apparently MTH is sold out already...Ken, the owner of Engine House Hobbies, said he has already had several calls looking for one but could not get more. 

Totally gorgeous, runs just as good as it looks. I already have a silver/blue Amtrak Dash 8 but am REALLY tempted to hunt down the accompanying chrome plated and blue Amtrak ES44! 

Here is a picture of mine at Engine House Hobbies on the test track - had to get this out at the store to check it out, couldn't wait! 




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