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I have two of the MTH UP heritage Hi Cube box cars - the Southern Pacific (item # 20-2773A) and the Western Pacific (item # 20-2775A). It is my understanding that these were only offered with purchase of corresponding engine.

I am asking $35 each plus shipping or $65 for both plus shipping.

If interested, please contact me at: jonesdonaldg @ (no spaces)

Thanks for looking,
Ronk and DG thanks for the offers. I am not really interested in the heritage ones....I would prefer just the typical looking hi cubes.

hibar- I got outbid on those bnsf knew i should have bid higher!!! Thanks for the heads ups. I think there is a golden west on ebay right now.

Still looking for single hi cubes....or sets of bnsf, up, ns, ns, bn....???

Thank you!!!

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800-980-OGRR (6477)

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