PRICE REDUCTION - MTH Premier Chicago METRA F40PH Proto 3.0 and 3 Matching Commuter Cars - Mint Condition

This is for all you Chicagoland METRA commuter fans.

I have decided to sell all my remaining non-Amtrak stuff. 

My F40PH is the "City of Chicago" version and is very hard to find for sale at any price. I have priced the diesel and the commuter cars very reasonably given how hard any modern METRA stuff is to find in O scale even on the auction site.

All four are in mint condition with very little run time. No marks or blemishes on any of the items.

All descriptive info is listed below. Shipping is not included.

MTH20-20675-1Premier F40PH (Powered)N/ACity of Chicago / 184Metra$350.00
MTH20-6559Passenger Car - 18" (No Box)Bi-Level Commuter Coach7659Metra$100.00
MTH20-61027Passenger Car - 18" (2 Car Set)Bi-Level Commuter Coach7789Metra$150.00
MTH20-61027Passenger Car - 18" (2 Car Set)Bi-Level Commuter Coach7825Metra$150.00


Thanks for looking.

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