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ICRRE8 posted:

I have a 5 car set of Premier Pullman Green Heavyweights.

What railroad?

I need to know if MTH ever made the add-on sleeper/diner set to go with it.

I'm sure they did.

Does anyone know the number for the set or anything about them?

What is the item/product number of the set you already have?

I would love to complete my consist. I tried the search from MTH's website with no luck.


I don't think they did. The only add on set I see is a Combine/Diner. I am not sure if Pullman ever made diners anyway nor baggage cars. Those usually had the name of the RR that pulled them. K-Line has done add on cars lettered for Pullman. One simply named Diner, the others, Night Route and New Orleans. They also did a did car set of 18" cars lettered for Pullman which only rarely come up. They match up well with MTH cars. They come up on the auction sites every now and then.


I guess the question is are the OP's cars lettered for Pullman or just painted Pullman Green???


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Yes they did for the green Pullman sets. I have two both with add-ons

120-4020Pullman 5 Car Madison Set
  Pullman Baggage
  Pullman Coach - Giant Oak
  Pullman Coach - Giant Echo
  Pullman Coach - Giant Reef
  Pullman Observation - Emma Abbott
120-4120Pullman Combine - Diner Set
  Pullman Combine
  Pullman Diner
120-4033Pullman 5 Car Madison Set
  Pullman Baggage
  Pullman Sleeper - Hot Springs
  Pullman Sleeper - Emerald Creek
  Pullman Sleeper - Night Fern
  Pullman Observation - Tioga Valley
120-4133Pullman 2 Car Madison Combine Diner Set
  Pullman Combine
  Pullman Diner

also in k-line

1k-4400-0328Pullman Heavyweight Diner
1k-4400-0006Pullman Heavyweight Diner
1k-4400-6304Pullman Heavyweight Night Route Sleeper
1 Pullman Heavyweight New Orleans
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