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I received an email from MTH yesterday announcing a run of their Premier SD35 diesel in four road names.  It’s been quite a long time since they last offered these.  I’m pretty sure it was way back in the PS-2 days.  Click the link below to see the announcement.

MTH Premier SD35 Announcement

I was hoping they would offer the Jersey Central (CNJ) version again, but no such luck.  I own two CNJ powered units and one non-powered from the first run…but would love to have the upgraded PS-3 version.

So now I’m hoping that our forum sponsor, Pat from Patrick’s Trains, will offer a custom run as he’s been doing a lot of CNJ items lately with help and encouragement from Walter Matuch.

I would be in for at least two…and definitely three if MTH would produce a 2-rail version.  Does anyone know if MTH is even willing to produce 2-rail locomotives any more?  I sure love those fixed pilots and full-length handrails!


@Walter Matuch

What do you think guys?

Or maybe you’re already working on this idea.  That would be great news for us CNJ fans!

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@CNJ #1601 posted:

You are correct, Chris.  Although for those that don’t mind straying from prototypical, the SD35’s would probably look pretty cool in blue!

As for me, I’m still holding out hope for a dealer to jump on board with a special run of the prototypical CNJ green.  Fingers crossed!

I too would like a regular green SD35. I just picked up a PS2 model, and it’s lonely without another

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