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I'm looking for someone who has removed the MTH N&W J (611) shell's number boards and how it is done.  I believe it is on 20-3132-1.  It doesn't seem to "easily" pop out and I don't want to apply too much pressure and do more damage than what its worth.  Thanks in advance.

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Pat - AWESOME!  Thanks.  Now for another related question - one of the 611's physical numbers fell out (or it never had it and I didn't notice until a few years ago).  Any idea if anyone has a replacement "611" or how to create one?

I assume I can find some plastic sheet and print reverse black and just leave the "611" clear and try...any ideas what font or type of clear sheet to use that would match the original?  I am sure I'm the only one who knows is missing and its just bugging me.

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Which side are you missing? …..I have some spare J boiler shells that might have some……if you’re not sure which side is which, post up a picture of your boiler shell.


Looks like they stick on from the outside and I don’t need to remove the window.  I made two replacements with my printer using some velum that my wife had handy.   Thanks for the offer.

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