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Conventional operation or under DCS?

I do not have the Bigboy, only the challenger in MTH Premier. MTH 20-3687-1 O Union Pacific Hi-Rail 4-6-6-4 Challenger w/Proto-Sound 3.0 #3985

The Cab light is just above the gauges on the Engineer's side and being highly directional in nature, is not easily visible in full room light. In fact, I had my lights off in the room to validate mine.

Mine came on from startup in DCS, off when moving, on again, sitting neutral.

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My thoughts are- OK, if yours does not work, I would first test the LED using a CR2032 coin battery inserting 2 metal wires into the LED connector (obviously opening the shell to get to this stage). If the LED does light with the battery, make a note of the wire color to polarity of the battery.

My recent MTH fiasco with an MTH engine this summer the headlight wiring was backwards and the LED never lit. Simply swapping the polarity fixed it, but annoying none the less. Obvious mismatch just looking at the connector plugged in.


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