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Recently acquired two Premier  Diesels without boxes that I can not find the product number for - can anyone help.

NS SD70 MAC-2, cab # 2694,  ps-2, 5 volt system

CSX sd-80 MAC, cab # 801, ps-2, 5 volt system

Went thru the  MTH website several times, can not find the product number. They were most probably manufactured in 2002-2005.



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I find Norfolk Southern #2694 listed by MTH as a GP35 20-20132-3 (unpowered version) that appeared in the 2011 Volume 1 catalog. If your engine is not a GP35, perhaps Norfolk Southern also had that road number on another type of locomotive that was modeled by MTH.

CSX #801 is listed by MTH as SD80MAC 20-2301-1 with PS2 that appeared in the 2001 Volume 2 catalog.


Thanks, Mike

When you look at NS #2694 you can definitely see it is Railking. The headlight and number boards are different from the Premier.  Also, the size is smaller in width and height. I thought of it being Premier.

I questioned the validity of the #801 being 20-2301-1, even though the website does list that locomotive number as being correct.  MTH must have made at least one more locomotive a 20-2301-1, because I have a #805 as being a 20-2301-1, 805 is listed on the box end labels.


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