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Looking to upgrade to modern sounds and functions from your basic Proto sound MTH Premier engine. What would be the best kit all inclusive to get.I currently have full DCS and legacy remotes. I just don’t know what options are out there upgrade kit wise that gives the best results. Would love to hear  your guys opinions.

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A PS3 kit is still the least expensive and easiest to install in a Protosound engine. They were designed for them and most of what you need is either already in the engine or included with the kit. That catch now is finding one. ERR stuff is a la carte. Receiver with motor driver is one piece, sounds a second, couplers a third, lights a fourth, chuff switch a fifth, $$$$$$, it all adds up. All that is in a PS3 kit.


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There are only two upgrade kits, one for diesel and one for steam.  Obviously, you get the one that matches what your engine is.

You can load any PS/2 3V sound file or many of the PS/3 sound files into the steam kit, and the diesel kit accepts any diesel sound file.

which kit would you recommend for subways ? the obvious choice would be diesel but will the diesel kit accept subway sound files thanks

Yes PS-3 diesel kit support subway.  For PS-3 Diesel you load the full PS-3 sound file and flash code of the model.  You find a subway made in PS-3 that you want.  depending on subway though, you might need to get a smaller diameter, or flatter speaker in 4 ohm than what comes in kit.  You may also need smaller couplers.  All depends on the actual model.  Some had very little room in subway with the interference.  G

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