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UUUUmmm! Okay. That took a few good tries your way, FYI I had done that when I first looked in the manual flow chart to fix the Horn issue.

Trust Me you are quite correct about being Super Fast! After about six tries doing it your way... and it did take a command and then respond with the light/Double Horn Blast. All my previous tries failed as I didn't know just how fast you have "to do" the procedure. Great Job! Thank you!

I think I did the one and five clicks. Awful fast maybe one too many or one less? I did it twice to make sure.

Now it honks the horn six times when you push the direction button to travel but doesn't move at all. I must have locked it in neutral maybe? I have her off of power for a few minutes while I'm typing to give her a rest. Sounds and announcements are clear and normal. I missed the bells...

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I confused myself with the last set of horns. I will play with getting it back to 1 horn 5 bells  Joe, Thank you for the manual you sent, yes it is identical to the one I have as well. I do see how to lock the Engine in a direction or full stop there, I am certain that is what I did- locked it in Neutral.

Moving around is very painful and quite difficult some days better than others. today isn't one of them, Susanne just got home so I can lay down for a bit.

You are a angel !!!  It starts up normally like it did when we had it on his DCS layout.

So I need to start planning on buying a transformer sooner than later or it just theZ-750 controller panel needs to be replaced?

Carl, It's just the z750 controller box that is not working, the the heavy 750 power brick is okay. If you do decided to go with a replacement, look for one that says "ZController", these are newer and should be more reliable.

Thank you each and every one for the help narrowing this issue down to the cause. We learned a lot about the MTH ProtoSound Engines and it's proper use and operation.

  We ordered a new MTH ZController and it will be on it's way to us tomorrow.

I will report back when we get the new controller setup. In the meantime we will work on our layout and enjoy the F3-A.

Best Wishes,


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