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Next on the upgrade list is an MTH A-B-A NKP Bluebird set.  A couple questions here if you can give me some direction.  First, I believe all 3 units are powered.  If that is the case, do I need a cruise commander in each unit?  If that is the case, I may opt to make one unit a dummy to cut the expense.  My thought is to make the trailing A unit the dummy so that I do not have to tether all the way back to it.  However, it would be nice to have the B unit as the dummy so I could use the other A unit alone. 

Thoughts and suggestions?

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The simplest install is a Cruise Commander in each engine. Not so simple is use three Cruise Ms and a single radio board. John has created a board to make that possible as it boosts serial data. You might also have to replace the tethers to ten pins for the added serial data and direction signals.

A big advantage of the latter setup is all three engines will run in synchrony, especially if you tie all the pickup rollers together with one of the tether wires.


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I did an A-B-A and built this little board to boost the serial data and the PWM outputs from the R2LC.

I'd post a picture of the actual PCB, but I only built up one to use for this upgrade.

This allowed me to put just the CC-M in the trailing A-Unit and control them both from the lead unit.  The reason I like this better than a separate Cruise Commander in the trailing A is they never get out of sync with each other, the trailing unit is getting positive control from the lead unit.

TMCC Motor Driver Buffer PCB-FrontTMCC Motor Driver Buffer PCB-RearTMCC Motor Driver Buffer Schematic

I also mapped out the 10-pin tether K-Line uses, and I found they included four grounds, which gave me the pins I needed to send +5V and the PWM signals to the trailing unit.  Crude, but I just needed it for this job.  I decided to scan it anyway as someday I may see another one of these.

K-Line A-B-A 10-pin Tether Pinouts


Images (4)
  • TMCC Motor Driver Buffer PCB-Front
  • TMCC Motor Driver Buffer PCB-Rear
  • TMCC Motor Driver Buffer Schematic
  • K-Line A-B-A 10-pin Tether Pinouts

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