Up for sale are a few things from MTH that are unpainted and unassembled.

Unfinished Box Car: SOLD

Unfinished Helicopter Launch Car; $25 plus shipping  ( UNPAINTED DIECAST Missing copter and some of the inerds)

Metal Slag Car Parts: $25 Plus shipping (just a bunch of un-used unpainted parts)

Prototype Caboose EMD Test Paint: $25 plus shipping (See inside for MTH approval of paint job)

4-8-4 J unpainted shell with chassis:  SOLD

The diecast units are heavy so shipping will be exactly what USPS charges me.  I am at 20876 ZIP and we can find the cheapest shipping price UPS/Parcel!?

Please email me to ask questions - Do Not put questions on the forum post as I only check it once in a while.

Trains MTH 027Trains MTH 028Trains MTH 029Trains MTH 030Trains MTH 031Trains MTH 032Trains MTH 033Trains MTH 034Trains MTH 035Trains MTH 036Trains MTH 037Trains MTH 043Trains MTH 044Trains MTH 045Trains MTH 046Trains MTH 047Trains MTH 048Trains MTH 049Trains MTH 059Trains MTH 060Trains MTH 061Trains MTH 062Trains MTH 063Trains MTH 064Trains MTH 067Trains MTH 068Trains MTH 069Trains MTH 084Trains MTH 085Trains MTH 086Trains MTH 087Trains MTH 088Trains MTH 090Trains MTH 091Trains MTH 092Texaco Electircal Trains Lanterns 068Texaco Electircal Trains Lanterns 069Texaco Electircal Trains Lanterns 070Texaco Electircal Trains Lanterns 071Texaco Electircal Trains Lanterns 072Texaco Electircal Trains Lanterns 073Texaco Electircal Trains Lanterns 074Texaco Electircal Trains Lanterns 075Texaco Electircal Trains Lanterns 076


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