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Hey gang....

Need to know quickly for MTH.    I can do a special run of PRSL and Raritan River fishbelly sand hoppers in PRSL and Raritan River.  Both will be somwhat similar (as close as we can get) to PRR GL hopper cars.  Both would be PRR oxide red, with just the "Pennsylvania" replaced with "Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines" or Raritan River.

I asked MTH about a sand load.  They said the best they can do is to paint the coal load sand color.  It will be the wrong texture for sand, but best they can do.   Is that OK with those who are interested.?

FWIW...PRSL had Ex-PRR GL hopper cars in real life...but they were gray with black lettering and just PRSL and the car number and data.   Raritan River had Ex-PRR GRa gondolas.  Hopper cars are a little stretch..but if ppl like them, will go ahead with it...

All coments appreciated.   MTH os after me for artwork and car#s ASAP.




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