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Hi folks,

Having trouble with the format of a downloaded PS2 (3V) sound file. I am running Windows 10. When I download the file from the MTH site, it has a .mth file name, but my computer labels it as a text file type (I do the Save As command, but the computer only gives me the choice of a text file format). Then when I try to send the file to my loco using the MTH Loader, the loader can't find the file probably because it is carrying a text file label, despite the .mth file name.

I looked back at my previously downloaded MTH sound files over the last few years and find that I have both MTH sound file formats and MTH sound files with text formats in my sound file folder. Is there some trick I am forgetting about getting the file in the MTH sound file format rather than a text file format?

As always, I appreciate the help!


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First off, turn off the option to hide the file extensions of known file types, that makes all of this easier.

I'm really confused about what you're doing to download this, I download them all the time without issue using Windows 10.

I went to this page:

I selected the Support tab and clicked on the indicated button.

This file showed up in my download folder.


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Thanks Gerald and Gunrunnerjohn for the prompt and helpful replies. The file extension was the problem. Disabling hiding the file extension option in the Windows setting (search file extension when in the setting menu to see the place to disable this feature) allowed me to see the file extension ".txt" that had been added to the file name as part of the download process. By editing that file extension off the file name, the MTH loader was able to see the file and send it to the loco successfully.

Unfortunately, that did not solve the problem with the loco. It's a 3V PS2 Diesel (20-2775) SD70ACe. No sound or speed control (runs away when speed is moved from 0). Start up & shut down, smoke, couplers, direction control and lights work. Using DCS.

Gunrunnerjohn, are you still able to do repairs on 3V PS2 diesels?



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