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I just bought an ps3 dash 8 30-20165-1 and am trying to run it conventionally with a ZW. When putting voltage to it nothing happens except a little buzzing from the board of the engine I believe. When voltage is taken away some “whining” can be heard coming from the speaker. No lights, no rail sounds, I’m worried the board is bad or maybe needs reset? Any thoughts?

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It takes a full minute to charge up the caps. Do it at 12 volts, Watch how much power (amps) it draws. With the smoke off it should only be around 1 amp and maybe 2 amps with the smoke on. If it's drawing a lot more, there's a short.

There maybe a broken wire off inside too.

Try putting around 8 to 9 volts after charging up, and pressing the whistle/horn button, and five bell presses. If the engine responds with horn blasts, it's reset.

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The only board available to consumers is an upgrade kit. You really only need the board and you have to contact either a tech or a service center.

They can test the board for you to verify. It's hard to tell just by looking. You could check for power right at the black and red wire connections at the board, with a meter, if you know how to.

If this is new, you should contact the dealer.

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