MTH PS1 to TMCC (specifically ERR)

It depends on the engine in question.

Diesels I've done and are pretty easy. Just take out the existing circuit boards, put in the new components, and wire accordingly. New lighting will be required.

Steamers are a bit more involved. Check if the engine has a Seuthe type or fan driven smoke unit. The latter is ready to use with GRJ's Super Chuffer circuit board.

You'll also need at least an 8 pin connection tether from engine to tender. 4 pins more than likely won't be enough to run between the two. Again new lighting will be required, though the coil coupler can be used if you're fine with its length. If the steam engine has a metal body and no plastic coal load (unlike the plastic body diesels), you'll need to insulate the shell from the frame with Kapton tape so the body serves as the TMCC antenna.


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Don't strip everything. The MTH lighting boards can be left in place. Just take out the PS-1 boards, put in the cruise Commander and antenna. You can attach a wire inside the shell as an antenna. I use the foil tape from stained glass projects as an internal antenna.


Actually, the scale MPH usually works out pretty well.  You can also simply do a custom tach tape to adjust the speed if it's off, I've done that with some non-MTH locomotives to get the scale speed close.

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