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Production Number: 30-2521-1

PCC Electric Street Car wProto-Soundr 2.0 - Chicago # 4015

I bought this used and was informed that it is in working condition. Before I even put it on the track I opened it up and replaced the MTH battery with a standard 9v battery. After applying power I get no lights, no sound, and just a slight hum.

  • I tested this on my test track via a transformer and on my main layout with the same result.
  • Used 2 different working 9V batteries.
  • Checked for any crimped wires or loose connections - all seemed fine


Anything else I can check here or is this a lost cause? I would rather just send it back for a refund if there isn't a cheap solution.

Thank you in advance!

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that engine has the ps 2 5 volt boards and they either fail dead or shorted in either case the boards can't be repaired!  i could put a relay in it if you don't care about sounds. ps 3/2 board can be installed and made to work again but would be $150.00 to 200.00 depending how much work the tech would be required to make yours trolley car work again!

hw much do you want to spend on repairs!


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