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So I got this beautiful engine, cheaply since the original owner said his track breaker would trip when the smoke unit was turned on. Im a lionel guy, but have a MTH TIU and remote ordered and on its way.

I opened up the 844, pulled the 4 pin connector for the suspect smoke unit. Put 3vdc on the motor and it spun just fine, next measured the resistance of the smoke heater, 9 ohms, I think thats normal. Meaured rollers to frame, infinite resistance. So I will not know for sure till I get the DCS installed, but I did try conventional and it tripped the legacy powerhouse.  From what I see, Im thinking the PS2 board is gone.

What do you think?

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The PS2 board should be tested in a PS2 board fixture. Keep trying to operate it and you surely will kill the board if you or the previous owner hasn't already.  I always use the Z-4000 transformer to check the amp draw on a new or used engine first, by rolling up the voltage slowly to make sure the amps don't go more than 2 amps maximum. 

the FEF mth engines had a ps 2  5 volt board and were know to fail! i would disconnect the 4 pin smoke connector which connects to the ps 2 board then try to power up if powers up and not excessive amps being drawn then you problem is in the steam heater and or fan driven smoke motor. if the engine still runs ok then that's your only problem but if it still draws excessive amps with the smoke unit disconnected then your 5 volt board has a short in it and it is not repairable. i have this exact engine and i replaced my bad board with a ps 2 3 volt board which are no longer available !


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Thanks for the help everyone. I'm just going to convert it to TMCC. Got a mars light simulator and railsounds from John. Its going to be a beautiful engine when done.

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