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I have a early released MTH Premier PRR Q2 that lost all of its sounds. I have tried all the basic troubleshooting I can think of to fix it. (Reset engine to factory default, replaced the BCR, checked the wiring in the tender for any cut or loose wires) The speaker does not appear to have the delaminating issue that some early PS2 speakers had. The sound board is not in the tender and I don't know what else I can check beyond what I have already looked at. Any suggestions would be great before heading to a service tech.


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The reading with the speaker disconnected, right at the speaker terminals, should be something between like 8 to 16 ohms. They don't always give a reading like their stamped. If you got nothing, try the battery. If that does nothing, the speaker failed open, & it needs to be replaced.

Any battery like a 9 volt, C, D, AA, or AAA for examples. I usually use an AA battery.  Don't connect it, just tap it quickly to produce a click.

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