I just loaded the MTH PS3 Greenbrier soundset into my MTH Railking USRA 2-8-8-2 under the impression I could have access to a quillable whistle with the Premier soundset now in the engine. The SPW symbol shows up for the softkeys, but when I push it the 
"WHISTLE" icon shows up on the screen but moving the thumbwheel doesn't do anything. I was under the impression a Premier soundset can allow for a quilling whistle on any Railking engine, but is there something that is missing? I would love to have this feature.

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EDIT: I did some digging and it seems like the Premier and Railking files must be similar and support the same features. It seems my engine does. It does not have any extra lighting features that the Greenbrier does and vice versa, and the original soundset came pre loaded with a non articulated chuff even though it is an articulated engine. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. Can someone explain the loopholes to make it functional?

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Well where's everyone?

Does everything else in the sound set work correctly now?

Did you load the matching chain files?

I'd guess it has something to do with the chain files. That's only because you post that it doesn't work now.

I'm afraid if you change the chain files, things might get messed up. You could reload the original files if you felt like going thru the work for a test.

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QW is embedded in PS-3 should work with SF.  But you may have to load the chain too as mentioned.  G

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