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Hi All,

I've got this thing for subway trains, that started, who knows when, but nonetheless here's my question. Is there a way to clone the PS-1 sound chips using the DCS, TIU system? I know one can reprogram a PS-2 chip. I tried coping the data from a PS-1 chip to my PC, and it copied a file, but it copied it as a TXT file. The "send file to engine" program only looks for a file with an MTH extension. Ha, I was going to change the file name extension from the TXT to the MTH, but then I figured, that's too easy. So here I am hoping someone has figured someway out to duplicate sound chips? Ultimately, I want to run a "lashup" with two powercars programmed the same......



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No particular sound, just wanted whatever I could match as a pair. I agree, PS-1 and PS-2 files are different, but they burned the chips originally, which tells me, there would be a way to duplicate them. In my retirement, I fix pinball machines, and I can reprogram the EPROMS with a "programmer", so "maybe" there's a service out there that can handle QSI's sound ROMS??? Thanks for the reply, by the way!!!



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